Bias in Media: All in One Edition


My product is basically a horizontal poster on what looks to be an A3 paper. With no apparent title, it is the kind of poster where you have to take time to read it if you find it interesting to actually understand what it means. Starting with the person in the middle and his text bubble, the man is completely blank with a blank expression to symbolize that he can easily be changed, that anything could sway or change is perspective on things. The text bubble are many questions that he could ask, and the biases around him(I’ll get to that) would change what he thinks. The next thing are all the different forms of media on the right side of the person, from books and articles to news and social media, it could all include many different biased opinions that could change a human’s perspective on things. On the television screen, I covered it with words of different things(biased, politics, stereotypes, etc.), these things show the variety of biased media that would be shown on them. In the photo, I twisted the words, the “black assailant” is actually a white assailant but guess what, people usually only reads headlines, which is a huge bias. Those are just a few of things that are described on the right side of the person. On the left side are 2 things, on top is the “FCC” which is one of the most recent examples of a largely biased, corrupted action and 3 social media accounts on the bottom describing their disgusting antics to keep you interested. The FCC scandal had more to do with their Chairman than all of their execs, they repealed net neutrality to presumably earn a large bonus on his paycheck after returning to his old employer. While I won’t talk extensively on that topic, there was a speech and a thought bubble comparing and contrasting what they were saying compared to what they really thought. The three accounts were connected to a short paragraph talking about how they spy on people to bring them biased content to their liking so that they would stay on their website longer. This is like one of the biggest technological scandals ever, because they literally hack your phone to see what you are doing and listen to your conversations to bring you content of your liking. How does all of this bring awareness to bias and stereotypes as a whole? It doesn’t really do that, more so it brings you awareness to the reality of these bias and stereotypes in news and media. It describes what it does, what it could do and what have recently happened that are examples of how messed up bias and stereotypes can cause the world. Whether changing a single man’s view, letting him see what is going around the world and how he can help himself, or changing many views, and how they can try to improve this society. This product is simply a product to bring a view on something that is widely discussed but not really put on the priority list.

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