Poetry Remix

Dancing with Death

At death’s door,
bite the dust,
breathe your last.

Diced with death,
dug his grave,
fell on his sword.

From cradle to the grave,
he cheated death,
now he meets his maker.

Missing you

A perfect symphony,
in a photograph,
how would you feel?
if I were a mess.

So wake me up,
when you runaway,
from our parting glass.

To think out loud,
and sing,
because one night,
I’ll miss you.

“Ed Sheeran.” Genius, genius.com/artists/Ed-sheeran. 


Just do it,
think differently,
every little helps,
and I’m lovin’ it,
can you hear me now?
there’s an imagination at work,
Cuz it’s all or nothing.

Death Speech

I had…
Once the fuel that drives me forward.
For you.


I knew it,
I realized,
it’s too late,
tell him…
I’m sorry.


we are free,
to those who,
your way.

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