News Article: Volleyball Team, Failed Team

Volleyball Teams. Failed Teams

Because even if you think your team is good enough, both of you, are not.

Brian Hung



It was a Saturday morning of August 26 when 6 students from KAS, class of 2022, gathered together to practice volleyball. It was said that the students’ skills have all deteriorated throughout the summer. One of the players, Paula stated that the little volleyball circle that students gathered around at lunch and break was filled with people who were messing around and not making an effort to play. During the Saturday practice, the students saw a turn of events as the teams were not united and the chemistry between teams was mixed up. The teammates worked better with other people from the other teams. A student stated, “were ******, the teams don’t work well together, it’s all individual skill, it would be better if we can mix the teams, otherwise, we’re pretty much ******”. Things went worst after it was over we realized that the chemistry that was once there all disappeared. What could go wrong next time for them, or will things improve for these students?

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