Mitosis and Meiosis

In science, we were learning about mitosis and meiosis in a video that was not all that correct but gave us the general idea. So we had to go find information by ourselves and this is what we learned:

Starting off with the easier one, let’s talk about mitosis. Mitosis essentially is creating a copy of a cell. It goes through a few phases but simply, what happens is that it copies itself, lines up, ties together, pulled apart with spindles then the cell will divide itself and viola we have 2 carbon copies of the same cell.

The second is meiosis which is annoying to explain but essentially you are trying to get 4 genetically different cells for sexual reproduction. What happens is that it follows through the mitosis phase except when it lines up with its homologous chromosome(parent chromosome) but then they wrap together and trade genes. Then the rest of the cycle follows through, they separate twice so that there will be 4 cells with different chromosomes and DNA.

Honestly, I would say we learned more on our own than we really learned from the teacher, but still, we learned what we needed to learn and despite no real apparent use for this later in life, we learned how mitosis and meiosis works.

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