Unit 5 Waves Reflections

  1. What was the hardest part of this task? Easiest?


  • Timing was the hardest part of this task, it was so hectic that we had to finish so much work in such a little amount of time. The easiest part was probably recording data, because that just isn’t so hard.


  1. One of the Approaches to Learning (ATL) suggested for Science in the MYP  is stated below:

Social skills–Practise giving feedback on the design of experimental methods


Discuss the statement above as you reflect on your planning and building of your instrument.


  • That is true only if you have a partner, otherwise you don’t really interact with others, so it is simply not true unless you have a partner. And it wouldn’t be true either if you partner with someone you are used to.



  1. How successful was your instrument in the 5 tests? Which test(s), if any, did your instrument fail?  Be honest! Discuss your ideas on how to improve your instrument.


  • It didn’t fail, it failed in the testing phase when we were figuring out which note needs how much water.


  1. Discuss why you built the instrument you did? Do you play a similar instrument? Was it an instrument you thought would be easy to be successful building, intrigued or challenged you?


  • The instrument was the easiest, I don’t play any similar instruments as this is an one time thing. I knew that it would be easy to build(even though adding the water was quite annoying), and because of timing problems was the reason why I chose to do this easier build.


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