15 Minutes of Fame Reflection

So I’ll run down what we did in the Unit before I start talking about what we’ve learned and all that. The unit mainly consisted of annotations, TIEA’s and poetry writing. All serves its purpose even though I do think some of them are quite irrelevant and I don’t think it personally helped me with my learning.

First are my thoughts on annotations in this unit. First of all, it’s still as boring as always but that was meant to be as it was designed to be time consuming and boring. We learned some techniques that famous poets like to use and some structure and specs that we could use when we write our poems. But that is about it, we just break down and analyze some poems that most of them didn’t really help. For me, since this is my reflection, it did not help me at all, personally, I think annotations during this unit was a waste of time and it should be excluded. Obviously, some people may have learned from annotations so I cannot speak for them, but for me, it was a waste of time.

Next is TIEA’s, which basically has us analyze one specific part of a poem(in this case how it empowers people). I guess it is a part of the unit and it was designed for the unit so I can’t really complain. The annotation was to learn techniques and I didn’t so I guess I could rant and for TIEAs it was probably just so that they could add another few criterions to the list. I don’t have many thoughts on this TIEA thing because I don’t really have anything to complain about it except that it is boring but this is school so ain’t that a given?

Lastly is the poems which is basically what the unit is revolved around. I like the poems, I think it’s an alternate way to sort of express your mind. For example, I wrote a poem about a nightmare that I recently had, it sort of brings anything into a poetic sense. That was the easiest and probably most enjoyable part of this unit for me. But I do think there should be more chances that we get to write ones ourselves with no limitations or no criterions that we have to follow by.

This unit taught us mostly to express, which is actually quite a skill to refine for most of the fields out there. I may feel some things are useless or boring or whatever type of adjectives that I would like to show disdain with. But overall this has been a unit that isn’t overly memorable, fun or similar. But one that would be help to many and I guess that’s my thoughts on this unit. Otherwise, “no comment”.

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