End January CAS Reflection

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a lot of time to do any kind of CAS during the latter half of January. We had so many summative assignments and tests that it is just… slightly overwhelming if I had to continue with my normal CAS schedules. For whatever it is worth, I did do some writing:

I must say, writing definitely helps me express different emotions that I cannot physically or verbally express. Whatever extreme and radical opinions I have I can express through writing. It’s just an activity I like to do because I definitely have many strong opinions that I keep bottled up because of different reasons. These reasons vary, and for some reasons, I’d also much better keep to myself than express them. In any case, I do enjoy and cherish the small amounts of free time that I have these days.

IB, and even CAS, made me reflect in a way that makes me relish the feeling of boredom. After all, even when we’re required to do our hobbies, sometimes the requirement of action makes it overbearing. I find it that, maybe at times, the most cherished moments of my IB experience is those seconds of complete boredom, those moments of nothing happening.

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