Dear Mrs.LA RUE

In class we read, Dear Mrs. La Rue, Letters from Obedience School by Mark Teague. We were learning about the VOICE trait for writing. This book demonstrates many types of voices. In my project I wrote a story of what Ike did. I tried to demonstrate The Hibben’s Cats speaking in many voices such as rage and despite. You can read it below.

That idiot dog bit off several guards flesh on his escape. This dog is in psychological maniac, that foolish owner of him thought that he’s a good dog huh. Let me tell you, he assaulted a group of other dogs, some guards, his instructors and the guy that made food. I even saw him making chaos in the obedience school, he bullied other dogs, stole their food, Chase them around the whole school. And the worst thing is that this stupid coward idiot played innocent if the others didn’t see them started it.

You could have kicked him away when he least expected it, that’s how he treated other dogs at the obedience school at least. Use them then abandoned them. Cats are way better than dog. He won’t even wash the obedience school, he always needed a chicken pie to do anything he was always a *beep beep beep* and I…I thought I remembered he stole wallets from the guards then keycards, the Tasers, whatever stuff you can think of that is on the Guard in the obedience school. He even ran and jumped on the other guards heads and scratch the guards hair off, he was never sick of course he just said that so you will get him away from that place. He assaulted the other guards and I and stuff like very very very very very fast, jump and scratch and then the same thing over and over again every single day . He was locked up after that.9780439206631_p0_v2_s260x420
Ps: he’s an idiot.

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