Hatchet vs Castaway

Hatchet vs. Castaway

By: Brian Hung

The book Hatchet and the movie Castaway are both about trying to survive. The Main Characters Brian Robeson and Chuck used what they could find to survive. Both Characters are different, Brian from Hatchet is a boy stuck in a forest, Chuck from Castaway is a man stuck on an island. However these two characters are similar too. They both come from the city, they made an imaginary friend, and perseverance is what helps them survive.

Nature versus City, imagine you getting strangely teleported to an island or well nowhere. That’s basically what happened to Chuck and Brian, these two city-people have literally no idea what happened like plane crash BOOM! And they end up nowhere. Even though they came from the city they still learn what happens in the naturelike the caveman.

Brian and Chuck both can’t stand the loneliness in the wild. After Brian made his fire he said that the fire is his friend cause it’s all he have that moves. Chuck got FedEx (federal express) packages and inside he found a volleyball

he named it Wilson after he smacked blood on it but he lost it at last. These two emotion-filled characters just can’t stand the loneliness in the wild but here’s the question can you?

Perseverance, they did try to give up and all that but at last if they gave up they won’t get rescued. In the wild not giving up is one of your most important qualities. Perseverance basically means never give up and stuff, they worked hard wanted to just die but you just gotta keep finding something to fight for.


Both Hatchet and Castaway is about surviving and its just very impressive how that they survived for that long. Brian and Chuck of course have lots of other qualities but in my essay these three are going to be the ones that you learn.

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