End-July Reflection

This poem is called Pale Leaf.

Reflection: The second half of July passed. I think at this point we’re just all waiting for school to start. The first line is a reflection on the idea of the lack of thought I’ve put into…well, thoughts. This entire summer feels quite hollow, and although this kind of lack of thought is making life a lot more relaxing, it makes me wonder whether I should have been reflecting a little more. The second line is about the seasons. When fall inevitably comes when school starts, it doesn’t come when I want it, and by then, I wonder if I’ll be ready. This is also a reflection on when I went out walking, and not just any walk, I walked in an empty park in the strong winds. I wrote a poem about the falling leaves, and this is another reflection on that. The last line describes that poem a little bit more. I don’t see a lot in the night, I don’t hear a lot in the wind, but maybe that’s for the best. The last reflection was also a poem that counts as CAS, but CAS for this post. And I think, in the wind, where I’m blinded and deafened, I’m happier there.

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