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Hi, I’m Brian Hung from Taiwan, well, technically born in the USA. Taiwan has been my home for the last 16 years, but KAS has been my second home for the last 12 years, there are many memories I have made with this school, not the same building because we did change our campus a while back. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember when we actually moved from the old to the new campus, most likely 5th grade, some point there. My life in Taiwan, KAS, here in general, has been fruitful and defining of what kind of person I am now, and now I’ll have some time to use my creative expressions in CAS.

Creativity, activity, service. The three forms of activities we will have to partake in ourselves. Personally I feel more drawn to the creativity section than anything, mainly because it can be easily merged with the other two, we can find creative methods to do anything after all. It’s kind of funny really, creativity is a weird thing for me, I’ve had it with me for most of my life, but most of all, there’s just a small thing that it requires for my creativity to work.

The secret ingredient is a little bit of crime.

No, just kidding, it’s not. It definitely is being just slightly mad and unhinged though. It’s about willing to try some new and strange things, a lot of unconventional… mad thinking, it’s the small things that make a person just slightly different from others. Like a crossroads! One leads to the usual way that always works, and the other is some Frankenstein experiment type madness. Then you’ll see me in a car, beelining through the bush to go into this kind of insanity.

But enough about being insane, my activities aren’t lacking either. I’m a not so athletic athlete that has participated in a few sports teams and went to a few competitions. I was on the volleyball team for a while until the season ended. I also do some sports outside of school, from badminton to kickboxing, the range of sports is a bit strange, but there is that to keep in mind. I know I’ll have enough to do for activity, I do something every week, usually every day. I’m not worried about activities for CAS, in fact, I hope I’ll be able to put my list of activities to good use for CAS.

Service, well this is the difficult one. Last summer, I began my internship group, this obviously is as much for other people as it is for myself. Now, I’m not too sure it’s for the need of the community, though it is for the need of the government. Our previous two jobs were with the Department of Travel and our oncoming one will be during the independence day fireworks. The issue with these internships is that the events come by rarely, and we may only be doing them once or twice each break or vacation. I’ll be trying to plan more events, not just for myself, but also for other people.

CAS is going to give me some experiences I know I’m not going to forget, or maybe I will, but either way I’ll enjoy this journey in KAS with the three strands of the program. And of course, incorporating just a bit of madness with it.

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