Mistakes Were Made

My Moment.

We’ve all had a moment, a moment where realization hits us harder than a truck. The moment when we realize that we completely twisted the words of another person into something that was completely not intended. And usually, it’s fine! Usually, it just becomes a harmless joke or something funny that people can laugh about. But then there are those times that we really mess up something that they said, and then we come to the realization that it was definitely not what they wanted.

“Mom, dad, I have something to tell you…”

If you don’t already know where I’m going with this, yes. My parents thought that I was gonna tell them that I was gay. My dad became mad and disappointed and my mom gave a smile of understanding. Needless to say, I was confused as to why my dad was yelling about kids. And he was more confused when…

“I got a bad score on my test…”

I endured about half an hour of my dad chewing into me for him to realize that I wasn’t even gay and that the entire thing was a waste of time. Quite truly, a waste of time. He was very concerned about this entire thing that even my uncle and cousins knew about what was happening, and it all ended up being one large joke as we laughed at my father’s stupidity and ignorance.

This is why we wait for people to finish their sentences.


I what was the exact amount, but it must have been around 5000. And I say 5000 without a unit because that’s what they got wrong. This was in the movie “The Millers.” Where the Millers family was attempting to bribe this Mexican cop after being caught with drugs.

The cop asked for 5000(units of whatever he said) and the dad thought that the cop meant 5000USD. This led to a very long conversation that almost ended up with a kid embarrassing himself and possibly losing his dignity completely. Thankfully the dad was able to realize what currency the cop was asking for before any deeds were done. Somewhat of a miracle considering the kid had already had many…incidents on the trip.

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  1. Hi Brian, the two examples you shared is really interesting. The example from the movie “The Millers”, it makes me realize the importance of the unit. Without a unit, misconceptions can happen easily. When I travel to other countries, money is often a start to a misconception. Especially if I don’t speak the language that’s used in that country. But do you think there’s a similar concept in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks? Because I believe money is one of the key reason that creates the misconception between the hospital and Henrietta’s family.

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