The Contradiction of Human Ideology

“Humans are the only creatures who preach for peace whilst waging war”

It’s funny really, we look at diplomacy and tell others that it is the best option while holding a knife behind their backs just for them to betray us when it benefits them. We as humans have always been violence seeking creatures, our love for swords and spears to guns and rifles and how the tipped end would pierce a man’s flesh. Since the first time we set foot on this damned planet we learned ways to survive and learned ways to kill.

The video above gives you a good look into how humans have been killing each other since the times of stones and wood. With a stick and a sharp stone, we pierce an edged tip into the heart of another being. And what did they feel? Joy perhaps, relief? They had just gained more resources and an edge over everyone else, we felt happy when someone else died for our benefit.

“It’s a strange thing, the first time you cut a man. You realize we’re nothing but sacks of meat and blood with some bone to keep it all standing”-Jaime Lannister

The first time you end someone’s life, they say you freeze, realizing what you have done you freeze and start to fear. What is that fear? Fear that life can end so easily, fear that someone would end your life next. Then you do it again, another one and another one until your hand would move from one person to the next with your eyes cold and your heart numb. You learn survival is caused by death, and you don’t fear anymore, because you know that if you kill others, they can’t kill you.

Then you ask yourself, “what if we can live in peace with each other? what if we can all live in a peaceful harmony?”. And everyone would think of that as well, and just when everyone is living together happily.

“I want that, why does he have it? It is mine now”

Do you know what jealousy can do to a person?


How can jealousy cause people to do unimaginable things? And their mind would go blank until red paints the walls. But what do we do to bad people? We lock them up, but we yearn for peace. Monsters aren’t just born into this world, we create them by our sense of peace and justice that we create more violence than what originally was.

That’s the contradiction of ideology, to stop violence is to make peace, but to achieve peace is through violence. But it is not yin-yang, one can exist without the other, but we accept yin-yang as coexisting while only yearning for peace in this world. The warring sides of peace and violence in an endless cycle of internal war, still the world doesn’t end then, because it is because of this cycle that our world was created.



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