Relationships and Identity Unit Finale


In the story Sunny Side Up, Jennifer Holm transforms a happy, caring child into a scared, constantly stressed girl after a horrifying event. After seeing her grandfather start to smoke again, she recalls her incident during the fourth of July with her brother and blames it on herself after suppressing these emotions for a long time. “It’s just like Dale!”… “I made everything worse at July Fourth. I got Dale in even bigger trouble!”(199,201). During the fourth of July Dale(Sunny’s brother) came to the party late, drunk and presumably high. Dale has been portrayed as a delinquent throughout the entire book and Sunny has been covering for her. During the party, Dale accidentally struck Sunny while attempting to strike her father, which caused Dale to be sent off to “get help”. Sunny blamed herself for what happened to her brother and suppressed her emotions until her grandfather got caught hiding a box of cigarettes which caused Sunny to finally let off all of her emotions. That incident with Dale was what transformed Sunny from a loving and fun child into a suppressed and scared girl.

MLA Citation

Holm, Jennifer L., and Matthew Holm. Sunny Side Up. Scholastic Us, 2015.


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