Unit 3 Reflection

This is the unit 3 reflection, the starting date was January 2017 and the end date was in April. We mostly used the criteria A and C and the key concept was “Time, Place and Space” where the SOI was Time, place and space influences the culture and governance of societies. Unit three was basically a huge game where there was an introduction and 5 sections along with the summative. A good thing was that the classes was more focused because it was a competition between the classes. But it created monsters in our class, then we ignited the spirit of the other classes where we would all just compete with each other and some people (along with me) became very hostile towards the other classes, I won’t use any names but some people in our class was just like me, and we were the poster people for the “kill the other blocks” movements. In each of the levels we had different things to do based on its topic pertaining to unit three. The things that we did had 3 basic themes to it:

  • Paperwork/Documents: we just wrote paragraphs of information
  • Artwork and Drawings: we created artworks like the coat of arms and the stain glass windows
  • Real life enactments and competition: these involved us to actually get off our butts and act things out or dance and stuff like that

Obviously there are more sub-branches and more specific work, also note that these themes can be combined. Next would be the summative, the summative was for us to make a board game for others to play, I saw a lot of very interesting games, really bad questions and very confusing rules. For example, my rules and instructions was very complicated, its like more complicated than monopoly, which I think is a great achievement lol. Obviously we learned a lot of things in the unit, there are abundance of facts obviously, I found it very funny to know that the longbow was more accurate than the crossbow, since it was operated completely by hand, while the crossbow used technology which I thought would make it have less range but more accurate, apparently I’m wrong, so yeah I got that goin for me which is nice. The problem for me during this unit was that because of how competitive I am, I hated it when my classmates didn’t try to win against the other classes, I tried to rally people, I guess I wasn’t persuasive enough. My favorite part of the unit is probably pagamo, seeing a lot of the class band together to destroy the other classes, it was a very good activity but the problem was that it created people who wanted to actually kill off “everyone” from the other classes, basically genocidal serial killers, I’m the first and the most extreme one if you want a figure, still it brought the competitiveness out of people which is a very interesting assignment as students usually don’t care that much about classes. Personally the only thing I would change about the unit is the point system, for a lot of people I think 1031 points is too high for an 8, sure its very possible to get that score but the time we had and amount of work we had to do was too much for a lot of people, even my mom was worried that I was losing sleep. As for how well 23 “undertook” the unit, the best answer would be we did it and we finished it.

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