Unit 1 Summative: The Spartan Military

In this unit we studied everything from the greek government to the roman republic which includes everything from the battle of Thermopylae to how the Roman Republic became one of the mightiest empires in all of history. I learned a lot of things like how the greeks won a impossible battle by scoring an upset agains their mighty enemy the Persians or how the spartan had whipping contests to see who could endure the most amount of pain.  We also learned how different places have different systems to keep the society running, of course eventually the systems failed and it was replaced by another system that worked better(which by the way, also failed), The major systems we learned are these:

  1. The Spartan Military: harsh military system, their whole system is centered around making really powerful warriors, most people died during training because of the combat they had to do.
  2. The Greek Government: monarchy government, they only had 1 king and his son would become king should the original king die in anyway.
  3. The Roman Military: adapting military, the roman legion, they adapted fighting styles and techniques and kept one of the most successful empires in history alive for years to come.
  4. The Roman Government: democratic government, they had 2 types of “people” the rich patricians and the poor plebeians, this republic never failed, it changed to a monarchy as it became the roman empire.

I think I improved in teamwork as I went solo in most projects, I learned to trust my teammates to do things without having to worry about them. I also improved by finally discovering one of my strengths thanks to Ms. Gilbert which is talking. The last thing I think I improved on is my grade, which went from B+ to A–.

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