Language Arts Essay

How balanced do you think our school schedule is? We have a lot of work while we don’t have enough time to relax and play. A lot of the work here gives us tremendous pressure and gives us lots of stress, and we don’t have enough time to let the steam out.

In KAS we should have a longer recess time because statistics show that most people enjoy more recess time. Most people use their time playing sports which release stress. Some students at KAS even choose to have 3 times the original recess time and want 45 min of recess. All those things simply says that we need more recess time.

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Look at the statistics. When I sent a form to the students of KAS, the majority of them, 78% preferred to have longer recess. Some other people prefer  a very, very, long recess when I interviewed them personally via hangouts. I asked them how long should recess be? some said 30 others said 25, but some  wanted 45 minutes of recess repetitive. What’s interesting is that everyone who filled the form out, only 9 percent of the people thinks the original recess time is fine period.

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In recess they usually do sports. Research shows that sports can benefit you in numerous ways including exercising and releasing stress. Research from CNN inclines that a person should have at least 30 minutes of any type of sports as an exercise. Doing sports actually also release stress, research from the Health Living center shows that doing sports can help people’s mental health and can help with things like depression.
I said that we need more recess time, I still do, I just think that we should have time to balance our time between school work and relaxing. If the rules can actually change I think everyone here would have an easier time doing things.

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