Research Paper

Country Research Paper

By: Brian Hung

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and it has cemented itself as a civilization or more likely as a city over the years, with a well controlled government, that helps support and influence our writing system, technology and religious harmony. I will explain the following aspects in my research paper.

Taipei works the same as the rest of Taiwan, it’s the same government which acts as a semi-independent republic, it’s also a democracy system(WCCA,2016)(CIA Factbook, 2016).  We do have a tax system that is basically taxing for different types of property tax, these taxes include: Land tax, industrial tax and other rural affairs that might involve taxing. Thats is what the government is and next will be the other aspects.

The government influences and supports our writing system. The government united our communication to one writing system in taiwan, which is chinese. Taiwan and especially in taipei has multiple types of schools including: local, American, European and religious schools. They also sometimes fund the school when they need it(WCCA, 2016). That’s about it for the writing system.

The next aspect of Taiwan is technology, I think this one is one of the aspects that actually helps us keep us to the economy and survive. So the technology we possess is in variety. For communication we got a technology brand called HTC which is widely popular, next for transportation we have companies like toyota which is very cheap and efficient but looks pretty bad. We also have all the HRC’s and HSR, that’s even more convenient because the tickets are very cheap and it goes around the whole country.(Defense Industry Daily, 2016). Taiwan’s technology is also pretty caught up so that they can be on the level with the rest of the world and let’s move on to the last aspect.

The government helps the religious groups in Taiwan a lot, like with all the parades, ceremonies and festivals. In Taiwan there are 2 main religions Buddhism (93%), Christianity (4.5%)and the others by 2.5 percent(WCCA,2016). Taiwan is a relatively peaceful country, and there is no conflicts between groups of religious people. (well the biggest religion revolves around peace). Then there is the ceremonies, if you live in taiwan, you’ve probably seen people wearing costumes in, and carrying a carriage like a parade, the government helps them by opening a small line in the traffick for them to pass, and sometimes they also provide some of  the supplies they need for the parade. The biggest celebration in Taiwan is the Ghost Festival which has a celebration in taipei being a large city of Taiwan, it’s a time where they believe the ghost will return from the dead and come back to visit them and that basically the whole story behind the ghost festival(Taiwan:The Heart of Asia, 2016)(Arts, Religion and Sports, 2015).

Taiwan has been told as the greatest independent country, I think it’s a well deserved name. The communication that they established, the religious beliefs and others aspects that makes Taipei and Taiwan a great country and civilization.

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