A Pirates Message

My name is Spike Shipwreck and if you are reading this message, it means I am already dead.  I’m writing this because I have hidden my treasure on Burning Fire Island and if you have the guts, you will follow my map and instructions, but this journey will be a fairly dangerous one.  But I’ll tell you who I am first.

I did tell you my name Spike Shipwreck. It would be a connection since I didn’t got ship-wrecked but I wrecked other pirates ship just because it’s a pleasure to have opportunities like this. I am drunk most of the time. I am not exactly the most polite talker or the kind of person who talk softly. Have you seen a pyhsco before? I did. I am a pyhsco myself. If you are expecting I’ll just kill my enemies in a war, you’re wrong. As a brutal-violent psycho I slowly torture my enemies.

I have a scar on my right eye, and I do not have a left eye.

I have blood in my mouth-nearly always-cuts all over my body and my left hand cut off in replacement of a dagger those flaws after unfair battles(for my enemies)after their treasure.

Let’s talk about treasure. My treasure is the sack of death. Why does people want it? Glad you asked, you know people won’t like to have a bunch of enemies right? It takes your enemies soul away. Its a soul sack. I got that treasure from the Gwali the death catcher.

The Burning Fire Island is the island that most pirates avoid.           The sun only appears for 10 minutes after eclipse. It is located in the coordinates (20°43’45.20N,40°43’45.20W) There is creatures there , Not vampires but they suck blood, not werewolves but they have fangs. This Island has fire that will burn you an ice that will freeze you from start to end. A lot of Pirates went there and try to take the treasure. In the cave the treasure is placed by Spike shipwreck. Two fire sages guards the treasure. The pirate who went was sucked dry and pale.

The island is protected and cursed by the evil god Shinnok and the Island was caught in the hall expect a route of volcanoes. The island is Cursed so Compass will not work. And maps will shift. There is 8 fire spirits on the 8 volcanoes on the volcano path.

The temperature there is at least 100°C, you could be called the legend soon as you stayed on the island for a minute. A chest this place the sandy beach. There will be a whole new shin inside if you give you a rebirth. There will be also a floating circle of five fires.   Every fire represents meteorites that you can use. This Island is one of the most dangerous that you can think of. You can predict what type of spirit will call him after you soon as you decipher this code Ho–>Kaze–>suchi–>mitsu–>Rai. It’s a dangerous combination. This will be a chain of attack so beware.

Another curse is the raiden curse, when you see a blue line lending on the point don’t go near, A blast of lightning will come down and that happens every 10 seconds. It will always be night the moon will be red. The stars are fired and the air with blood scent. This Island were never recorded until spike shipwreck felt its curse and told others about it.



                   Spike Shipwreck.

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