Island of the Blue Dolphins Resourceful Essay

Well it’s not that I want to write this essay but since I’m getting graded on this I might have to actually do it. Karana is a resourceful person because she is intelligent, knows how to use things and knows how to make things.

Karana is a intelligent person because she was able to tame her enemy. She also learned a lot, like don’t mess with the devil fish. I think she is now very smart.


She knows how to use things like the sinews, the spear and all that other crazy stuff. Knowing how to do things and how to use things are a very indeed important part of survival.


She is also an expert on making things for example she made: different spears and spearheads for different; the fire and well her whole house.  Making things are also an important part of survival.


I guess I did use these ending lines repeatedly because I can’t think of any other ending lines. This book is not the typical kind of book that I like.imgres

But I’ll say that since you chose to read this essay, you probably enjoy the book yourself.

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