Aztec Adventure Story

We wrote an Aztec Adventure story where we went back in time to the Aztec world.



One day Antony and Brian H went to Mexico City. “Is this the place where the Aztecs built the enormous Great Temple?” asked Brian in a relieved way.

Antony answered “Umm, I think we will still have to walk a bit longer.”

They walked a bit more and saw the ruins of the Aztec Temple. “WOW”shouted Brian and Antony at exactly the same time. They snuck into the temple.

“Ah!” Antony shouted as he collapsed to the ground.  He scratched himself.  Blood squirted out onto the ground and they suddenly went back to 1400 AD to Tenochtitlan (the capital of the Aztecs).

They were amazed at the beautiful view of the landscape and terrified of their current situation.

“Where are we?” asked Brian in a terrified way.  Antony was in no condition of answering. They saw a gigantic city with a large temple inside and Brian broke the silence  and said, “I think we are in Tenochtitlan”.

They were trying to figure out how to go back to Mexico City. “Let’s see if anyone in the city can help us,” said Antony shivering. “I’m cold,” whispered Antony.

“Ok, but then we need to take out the guards first because they have armor and weapons.””… we have to take them out at the same time, silently,” said Brian.


Antony strangled the first eagle tribal guard with full battle armor and a spear while Brian snapped the neck of the second guard. Then they actually found out what to do to go back to Mexico City. They were not fans of the idea.

“Do we really have to drink a king’s blood?”  complained Brian.

“Unless you want to stay at the Aztec times for eternity  until you die” said Antony.

The next day they were spotted by some Aztec warriors (they didn’t know what type because they just took a glance and sped away).  The warriors were glaring at their dead friends. The warriors ran towards Antony and Brian. Brian asked,  “What are we going to do?” Antony said nothing for not having any  idea.

Then Antony outran Brian and the guards and ran to safety. But Brian got captured and imprisoned.

Before Brian got up to the altar of the Aztec’s Great Temple, Antony showed up and threw a knife towards Brian, and Brian caught it and killed all 6 priests.

After a few days the boys saw Cortes and the Spanish Conquerors. “Wow, tell me about the real Spanish conquerors” said Brian.

“Yep, that is the real Cortes” answered Antony in excitement. They hid in the moist jungle for a week, and Brian is still afraid of the spider in the  jungle. But when they came out of the jungle, they saw the end of the bloody war.

“Ok now we need to gather supplies and find Montezuma’s corpse (dead body) and drink his blood”.

“Fine, lets go” said Brian in relief.

They took some of the Spanish sharp swords and thin daggers, then they went into the Great Temple and saw 2 Spanish guards.

“We have 2 options either we kill the two guards and take their weapons or we try to sneak past them.“  Brian whispered.

“Killing them should be safer if they don’t hear us, see us or sense us” whispered Antony and Brian gave a thumbs up sign.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhh” said softly as the Spanish Guards gagged. Brian and Antony looted weapons like swords from the Guards as they almost lost their breath.

After they killed all the fully armored Spanish guards, they found Montezuma’s corpse and they sighed, and took some blood to drink.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” both of the boys shouted as they time traveled back to Mexico City 2014 looking at the fallen Great Temple.

“Wow, now we will really get a good score on our Aztec Adventure Story man!” said Brian.

“Yeah, we really got some actual experience of Aztec lives.”

confessed Antony “but first we gotta go share our adventures….”

The End

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