Hanging Out with an Ocean Between

Way back in August, I met with Lulu to talk about her goals for the year. She explained that one of her goals was to do more Mystery Hangouts this year. Last year they were a big hit with her students. Mystery Hangouts are fun for the students, but also takes learning geography beyond memorizing (DOK 1) to using the clues you are given to find the place you are looking for (DOK 3).

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels


Soon after speaking with her, I happened to find a teacher on Twitter looking for classes with whom to connect.

Students were broken up into different groups to perform different roles. One group thought of questions for the other class, one group tried to take the clues given and find the other class on the map, one group recorded answers, another took pictures recording the process, one group was working on a globe.


Although students were disappointed they “lost” (the other class beat guess we are at KAS in fewer questions) they all answered “fun” when asked how it was.

I am looking forward to seeing the students get better at this as the year goes on.

Get students excited about what they are doing #KAStw

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Skyping with @nnruthai #KAStw

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. As I prepare for my workshop at Learning2 on Connectivism, I am looking at the 4 stages: aggregate, remix, repurpose, feed forward. I would be interested in what the students did with their new learning? How did they share it? Did they use this in new ways? Thanks!

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