Lounge Sessions

As the needs of our community change, so do the tools we use to meet those needs. That’s why the Learning Technology Office, will be launching a new offering called Lounge Sessions. Every Monday – Thursday, from 3:15-3:45 in the faculty lounge, we’ll host small-group training and discussions designed to help you be more effective, more efficient, and more awesome. We know that everyone has a busy schedule, so we’re limiting our training topics to 4 concepts per month, and rotating them weekly so everyone has an opportunity to find a day and topic that fits their need.
We’re so excited, that we’re launching the October content as a sneak preview tomorrow and next week! There are appointment timeslots on Google Calendar, but you are still welcome to attend if they are full – it’s just a way for us to make sure that *someone* is coming.

October Lounge Sessions:

Session A – Classroom Facilities: How to use the things in your classroom. Projector, phone, a/v cabinet, microphones, AppleTV/Presenting, chargers, cooling & fans, and emergency exits
Session B – KAS Teach Workshop: Gradebook, Student Demographics, Reporting
Session C – Macbook Basic: Finding files, printing, desktop management, system preferences, troubleshooting
Session D – Office Systems: BOS, Booking, Printing

9/27 – B9/28 – C9/29 – A9/30 – D
10/4 – C10/5 – A10/6 – D10/7 – B
10/11 – A10/12 – D10/13 – B10/14 – C
10/18 – D10/19 – B10/20 – C10/21 – A
10/25 – B10/26 – C10/27 – A10/28 – D

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