Mid – May CAS Engagement

One afternoon in the middle of May, I’ve made Green Bean Cakes at JZN Bakery as an activity. After some researches into the history of Green Bean Cake, I understand its purpose and its traditional values as a Han Bing Dessert. But when I start to make them, everything is different. The Green Bean Cake is unique in the way that its got different layers, but during the process of making them, all I do is mix two dolls which supposing should only give me two-layer of cake crust maximum. So I ask my advisor what is going on and learn some cool cooking concepts relating to sciences.

Due to the use of an ingredient of non-powdered butter, the structure would change (separate) once enter the oven because, without powder, the dolls get separated due to similar charges just like magnets that repel when the same charge is ner each other. Luckily for me, in my IB Physics SL Year 1 course, charges are something I am currently learning and after this experience, it gives me more image for me to understand the work force behind physics (forces). Also, it makes me think of the relationships between a chef and a scientist.


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