End December CAS Engagement

During the Winter Vacation, I have attended the Dentistry Association Internship activity where I provide services to people that comes to see the dentist. I spend a total of 41 hours in the clinics in addition to the extra 10 minutes of weekly reflections, this activity that I have accomplished is very important to me since communications are the basics of everything and it gives me chances to speak Chinese to strangers. But at the same time I also get to practice my time management skills, during the holiday I have to not only complete my assigned work in the clinic but also finish some of the remaining school works that were assigned at the end of last semester.

In addition to that, I’ve come up with a few sketches that would similarly guide my future designs and I come up with that decisions after research cases of car brands minimizing the cost of car production and if the car is base on another car but built differently, it would most likely to be shorter in development period and would be more competitive in the market. I think my strength in this field is the knowledge and interest that attracts me to follow the most recent news of the automotive/ transportation design news. By following these news, I would gain the most modern information for major brand’s design and reflect upon it to guide my current sketches.


This Car has a simple design that I can change or create more if I wanted to. One major improvement I would like to make in the future is updates on the proportion of the wheels. It is not only lacking in detail, but also out of shape. I would need to do more research on modern car design before updating it. Also, the drawing finished physically is the way I will be doing in the future since I think physical is still the best way to present a drawing/design. I will edit my new work base on this draft/concept and do it digitally.

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