Mid-November CAS Engagement

During this period, I’ve finish drawing my 2nd car for my CAS project. (Apart from the Rear tail light all the drawings were from me)

The additional part that I have included from the modern trend is the car’s rear/tail light again. This time we look more deeply at another B.M.W’s design on the new 4 and 8 series. First we know that the even number series are design for sport series compare to the odd number series which is more daily. Unlike the design from the 2 series (the drawing I draw for last engagement). The design of the tail light is not as efficient compare with the 2 series one however it looks better with the body of 4 and 8 series which is what the customers in the market for 4 or 8 series would care. This change my concept of “More Efficiency = More customers”, maybe because the efficiency level on the light source of a car is not the main consideration when people is shopping in car and it is its design that attracts the eye of customers.

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