Tempus fugit and G9 Final Exam

Wow, another year has flown by … where does the time go?!

G9 Final Exam 2016

This isn’t your traditional “pen and paper” test.  Students publish their writing to their school websites based on global collaboration movie trailer project.  Work with a teacher across the planet and see where your learning takes you!

Quick peek:

Maybe I’ll return later to share reflections but more awesome post to read and trailers to view!

Check out this final exam product

Go BIG or Go Home!

Organize your website (blog) in 5 quick steps

What was your “blog” is now your “website” so it’s high time you enhanced your website – your work.  Organize by categories.  Here are 5 steps, you can also ask me questions, or there’s always Believe In Gallos … but In means In-dependent learner so figure it out for yourself.  No matter how you get there, get there to categories and organize all the posts on your blog/website into year-by-year at school and then by subject areas inside each year.

Step 1: open your website and go to dashboard



Step 2: go to Posts and then Categories


Step 3: Add (and name) New Category(ies)


Step 4: put all your past posts into categories – Wow! So organized now!


Step 5: Put each new post in a category as you write it


Watch this great 8-slide presentation for more info and GIVE ME FEEDBACK on how to make this more clear for you.

Update your blog address

KAS migrated to share.kas.tw – watch video and update your address now.


Add flipboard to your blog

Flipboard has a link to show you how to get the embed code, and then you can paste it as HTML code if you’re in the

“Text” (not the “Visual”) edit more of your post.


One student has suggested this screencast from 2016 isn’t good any more because Flipboard has been updated.  I haven’t checked that out yet.  Have you?

Create your Flipboard magazine

This is so cool!

Follow the steps in Ms. Lang’s doc, and remember to say THANK YOU to Ms. Lang!  You will be able to create your Flipboard magazine.  Complete the yellow highlighted “Community” section of her doc.  After you’ve created your magazine, “share” it by first clicking “Embed this Magazine”…

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.23.58 AM


and then copy that embed code and paste it into your blog when you are in the “text” mode of editing…


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.25.52 AM


When you’re finished, paste your Flipboard address to the shared address google sheet, the same one sheet that has your KAS blog URL.  You can also paste your magazine to your blog if you like what mine looks like here:

 my Flipboard Magazine.

Lion image from compfight

Using compfight.com is cool because when you select a creative commons image, it generates the “Photo Credit…” html code for you to copy and paste into the “caption” box when you “Add Media” to your post.  Ask me any time to demo it for you.  Thanks to KAS Tech Coach Mr Hammerlund for sharing this info with me.

Photo Credit: poplinre via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: poplinre via Compfight cc

How’re you gonna manage your blog?

Blog photo (courtesy Annie Mole via FlickrCC)

Blog photo (courtesy Annie Mole via FlickrCC)

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