Attribution Retribution

Here is a sample assignment of creating and connecting visual meaning among 3 images and “pushing” your viewers’ thinking about those visuals with your own captions.  Captions aren’t enough if you use other people’s images – you need to give credit ATTRIBUTION to the creator.  And, as long as we’re talking about attibutions, you can ask yourself, “Self, do I need a Creative Commons license for my site?”

The goal is to create and sustain an energetic visual sense and control to support your post’s written text.  Take note of current best practices 3-pronged approach for image attributions:

  1. hyperlink name of image
  2. hyperlink name of photography site
  3. hyperlink Creative Commons license type

Without my telling you explicitly, I hope you understand my intended theme is how humankind shapes the earth.


Earth Mover

What do you want to learn?  Do know who can teach you?  When you decide what is important to you and you want to reach that goal, find a way to do it!  You must have the drive to work hard and push yourself, always keeping your eyes on your chosen direction.

"Pretty cool driving school" (by author)

“Very cool driving school”
(by author CC BY-SA 4.0)

Earth Moved

When you’re willing to do as much as it takes, you can engage a little hyperbole by using the old expression “move heaven and earth” because that’s what this image literally demonstrates.  Keep in mind, however, most people use the expression figuratively.   But back to reality, looking at this picture, do you wonder how much planning, time, and energy it takes to reshape Mother Earth, and what were the reasons that produced this result?


“Who moved this earth?” (HD.11D.063 by ENERGY.GOV via Flickr United States Government Work)

Ideally you would have short-medium sections of text of before, between, and after your images.  Let me know if you have any questions, okay?  You might have heard this somewhere: “before an assignment is due, feedback is free; after it’s due, PowerSchool is points.

Better Grades?

Students aren’t the only ones who care too much about their grades.  Volvo cares – see for yourself:

MYP rubrics measure grades in 2-point ranges.  You want to convert MYP grades to letter grades.  What does Volvo think about grades?  The difference between grade levels is made with a joy stick in this top-of-the-line Swedish machine.  What is about “making the grade” that brings you joy?

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