Partner Ship

Good Boat Skills

What’s it like to work with an assigned partner on a learning project for class?  It’s like two people rowing to make one boat go strong and straight.


Two can keep a straight line

Peter Riou via Compfight

Bad Boat Skills

But what do you do when your partner is more skilled or smarter than you are?  What if that describes you?  How to communicate?  How to manage?

I don’t think this will get us to the finish line

DSC_0419 by Emeriz via Flickr CC  BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fight the Good Fight

You have grades on the line.  Powerschool and transcripts, not to mention parental expectations and future university applications.  Why can’t you just work solo?  Because there’s strength (learning!) in numbers.

P1130376 All together now

Mark Whittaker via Compfight

Pull on your oar.  Get in synch.  Stay on course.  Partner ship = team work.

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Mr Williamson is a MYP and DP trained English teacher and ACAMIS soccer coach at Kaohsiung American School.

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