Images and Attributions Made Easy

Hunting for Image Attributions

Photo credit: the measure of mike via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Did you know Visual Hunt is a super-easy website for searching images you can use and it automatically creates the photo’s embed code for you?  And it also makes the attribution – wow!!!

All you have to do is paste those into your post in Text writing (not Visual) mode …

… but you may want to edit your post so each of the 3 parts of the attribution to …

… so your readers don’t lose you and never return to your post, haha maybe, but sadly too true too often.

No More Excuses!

Can you continue using images without permission or not give proper credit?  I don’t think so, because the yes’s and “nose” of proper attributions should make clear “scents” to you now.  Jump in and do it right!

Photo credit: Jordan Wilms via / CC BY-ND

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Mr Williamson is a MYP and DP trained English teacher and ACAMIS soccer coach at Kaohsiung American School.

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  1. Tom

    Visual Hunt is new to me. Thank you for sharing!

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