Organize your website (blog) in 5 quick steps

What was your “blog” is now your “website” so it’s high time you enhanced your website – your work.  Organize by categories.  Here are 5 steps, you can also ask me questions, or there’s always Believe In Gallos … but In means In-dependent learner so figure it out for yourself.  No matter how you get there, get there to categories and organize all the posts on your blog/website into year-by-year at school and then by subject areas inside each year.

Step 1: open your website and go to dashboard



Step 2: go to Posts and then Categories


Step 3: Add (and name) New Category(ies)


Step 4: put all your past posts into categories – Wow! So organized now!


Step 5: Put each new post in a category as you write it


Watch this great 8-slide presentation for more info and GIVE ME FEEDBACK on how to make this more clear for you.

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