Augmented Reality Redux

We’ve worked with HP Reveal AR this year using Night by Elie Wiesel as the central text of the unit.  Listen as Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis and I discuss how to apply AR to Lang & Lit

Attribution Retribution

Here is a sample assignment of creating and connecting visual meaning among 3 images and “pushing” your viewers’ thinking about those visuals with your own captions.  Captions aren’t enough if you use other people’s images – you need to give credit ATTRIBUTION to the creator.  And, as long as we’re talking about attibutions, you can ask yourself, “Self, do I need a Creative Commons license for my site?”

The goal is to create and sustain an energetic visual sense and control to support your post’s written text.  Take note of current best practices 3-pronged approach for image attributions:

  1. hyperlink name of image
  2. hyperlink name of photography site
  3. hyperlink Creative Commons license type

Without my telling you explicitly, I hope you understand my intended theme is how humankind shapes the earth.


Earth Mover

What do you want to learn?  Do know who can teach you?  When you decide what is important to you and you want to reach that goal, find a way to do it!  You must have the drive to work hard and push yourself, always keeping your eyes on your chosen direction.

"Pretty cool driving school" (by author)

“Very cool driving school”
(by author CC BY-SA 4.0)

Earth Moved

When you’re willing to do as much as it takes, you can engage a little hyperbole by using the old expression “move heaven and earth” because that’s what this image literally demonstrates.  Keep in mind, however, most people use the expression figuratively.   But back to reality, looking at this picture, do you wonder how much planning, time, and energy it takes to reshape Mother Earth, and what were the reasons that produced this result?


“Who moved this earth?” (HD.11D.063 by ENERGY.GOV via Flickr United States Government Work)

Ideally you would have short-medium sections of text of before, between, and after your images.  Let me know if you have any questions, okay?  You might have heard this somewhere: “before an assignment is due, feedback is free; after it’s due, PowerSchool is points.

Better Grades?

Students aren’t the only ones who care too much about their grades.  Volvo cares – see for yourself:

MYP rubrics measure grades in 2-point ranges.  You want to convert MYP grades to letter grades.  What does Volvo think about grades?  The difference between grade levels is made with a joy stick in this top-of-the-line Swedish machine.  What is about “making the grade” that brings you joy?

Read Every Word?

How do people read posts?  They slide, skip, and skim.  Eye-Tracker explains what you need to know from the studies, so your readers keep reading you – that’s the reason you write, right?

Skimming the Screen (unsplash photo)

Avi Richards

You think your readers will read your every word?  Silly you.  Not likely.  Hardly happens.  No way.

Rather Watch How People Read?

Neilson Norman Group spends a lot of time tracking content and eyes.  Want to see how readers see your writing?

Image Attributions Revisited

Super “thank you” to Paganini for using in his recent post.  I didn’t know this site and think it’s worth a coffee break to explore it more.

Love Taking the Time to Think (unsplash photo)

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash Jonas Jacobsson

New Thought on Every Word

You should read every word and you should consider the very important messages within Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.  Open your mind to what is, what can be, and what should be.

Discomfort and Heroism (Photo credit: ALA – The American Library Association via / CC BY-NC-SA)

Read it to understand how to fight against narrow- and small-minded views like those who want to take it away from students because it “makes some people uncomfortable.”  Are you serious??  That’s exactly Lee’s point!!!!  What’s your Twitter view on this?


Partner Ship

Good Boat Skills

What’s it like to work with an assigned partner on a learning project for class?  It’s like two people rowing to make one boat go strong and straight.


Two can keep a straight line

Peter Riou via Compfight

Bad Boat Skills

But what do you do when your partner is more skilled or smarter than you are?  What if that describes you?  How to communicate?  How to manage?

I don’t think this will get us to the finish line

DSC_0419 by Emeriz via Flickr CC  BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fight the Good Fight

You have grades on the line.  Powerschool and transcripts, not to mention parental expectations and future university applications.  Why can’t you just work solo?  Because there’s strength (learning!) in numbers.

P1130376 All together now

Mark Whittaker via Compfight

Pull on your oar.  Get in synch.  Stay on course.  Partner ship = team work.

Images and Attributions Made Easy

Hunting for Image Attributions

Photo credit: the measure of mike via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Did you know Visual Hunt is a super-easy website for searching images you can use and it automatically creates the photo’s embed code for you?  And it also makes the attribution – wow!!!

All you have to do is paste those into your post in Text writing (not Visual) mode …

… but you may want to edit your post so each of the 3 parts of the attribution to …

… so your readers don’t lose you and never return to your post, haha maybe, but sadly too true too often.

No More Excuses!

Can you continue using images without permission or not give proper credit?  I don’t think so, because the yes’s and “nose” of proper attributions should make clear “scents” to you now.  Jump in and do it right!

Photo credit: Jordan Wilms via / CC BY-ND

What’s your Presence?

We’re deep into looking at who we are, or are not, in the digital world.  And if a citizen needs a passport, what does a digital citizen need?

This YouTube SHOULD cause you to pause before you post:

Class of 2021 – High School!

(google images labeled for reuse)

Welcome to high school Class of 2021.  MYP Year 4 Language and Literature is the focus of this site, and I hope you’ll value the learning experience in this and all your classes.  That value is up to YOU!

Get a look at a major project you’ll do later this year – click the links below.  The project continue to evolve – BIGGER and BETTER!

Cool Cat Teacher podcast – talking with Vicki Davis

Tempus fugit and G9 Final Exam

Do you need the student handbook?   Yes?  No?


Cool Cat Teacher podcast – talking with Vicki Davis

Many thanks to Lisa Durff for arranging and to Vicki Davis for having me on her “coolcatteacher” show for a stimulating conversation.  Vicki is a forward-thinking educator who makes it easy to talk about the value and fun of exploring educational ideas. You can listen here:

Of course Annette Lang, Victor Boulanger, and Tom Hammerlund all play important roles in how this came to be, and Kathryn Mayle has now joined the effort – thanks all!

My New Google Site

You can find my new google website, created in one hour at the Southern Taiwan Google -amazing! – Summit. The site is focused on Romeo and Juliet at this time.

photo courtesy drmv1 at Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

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