Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Lost Missions

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 6- the Lost Missions! I jus finished all the episodes (13 episodes) of The Lost Missions and in my opinion, I think it is awesome!!!


This season is on NETFLIX (not cartoon network), which first made me kind of sad. However it’s on NETFLIX, but the season is mostly talking about order 66 so it made it pretty boss. And also, there are some cool commanders (For Example: Commander Doom) coming out in this season which made it cool!

CommanderDoomThis is Commander Doom.

In the episode Unknown, which you may all know Tup killed a jedi because of order 66. After that the separatist forces are trying to get him back unless the jedis founds out the secret of order 66. The separatist kidnapped by attacking the cargo ship which is Tup is in, thankfully Anakin, Fives and Rex rescued him back. Sadly Fives dies because of his discover of order 66.

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In the next three episodes are talking about Clovis a friend of Padmé. In these episodes are kind of talking about the Relationship between Anakin and Padmé. Plus, a commander that was supposed to appeared in season 5- Commander Thorn appeared in the third episode- Crisis at Heart. But unfortunately, Thorn died in the first episode he appears…

thorn-dead-clone-wars-607Commander Thorn’s Death.

Next two episodes are talking about Mace Windu, Jar Jar Binks and Jar Jar Binks’ love Queen Julia. Mostly this two episodes are just discussing about stealing the force from a person.


And last but not least, the lost one, voices, density and sacrifice. These episodes are again talking about order 66 and the whole season sort of focus on these episodes. And in my view these are the best! Yoda saves Anakin from his dream. Yoda discovered a lot about order 66 and the creation of the clone army, which I think really shocked him.


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 下午6.29.54 A Screen Shot I took for R2 in the episode Voices!

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