December 2

Water and Climate

Investigation 1–

What happens when water falls on different surfaces?

It’s going to be an exciting unit in Rm. 222.  Look at those smiles!  Students were highly engaged and having fun as they tested water on waxed paper, aluminum foil, paper towels, and notebook paper.  Which are absorbent?  Which are waterproof?  Did the water bead up or soak in?  

November 29

Not to think we’ve been lazy lately….

It’s actually quite the opposite!  We’ve been so busy these past few weeks, Ms. Carnahan hasn’t posted any of the events.

Be prepared to be overjoyed this week in pictures and emails!

First glimpse is from today’s Math Lesson:  Exploration with Multiplication and Division concepts.  Tiling and estimating surface area, Multiplication Top-It (aka WAR) card game, Dividing into equal groups with counters, and Multiplication Ring Challenge!



October 22

Spirit Week

This week is Spirit Week!

Monday:  Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day

Tuesday:  Uni-Color Day (wear all the same color)

Wednesday:  Wacky Wednesday (wear crazy clothes, turn backwards, different shoes, crazy hair, etc.)

Thursday:  Swap with friend day (trade desks, shoes, etc. with a friend)

Friday:  Halloween Celebration–wear regular clothes to school–BRING your Halloween Costume. We will dress up at school around 1:00.  We will have a Halloween Costume Contest this day.

The categories are:  1.  Best Super Hero .    2.  Best Animal .        3. Most Professional .

Of course you are not required to wear these outfits!  It’s just an option if you want to be part of the costume contest.  IF YOU DO, please let me know, as I will need to register you!!!

It’s going to be an exciting week ahead!!


October 11

Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!

  1.  Thursday:  Swimming in PE–please bring all the gear needed!

  2. Thursday 7 p.m.:  Season 2 After School Activities Sign-Up—-Session 2 Dates:  10-30-12/7 —–(Last Day of Session 1 is Oct. 27th)

  3. Friday:  Bake Sale Fundraiser led by MS for Hurricane Harvey-Proceeds go to a specific school in Texas. Please click on the attached words for the videos…

    Bake Sale Commercial .       Hurricane Harvey Donation Jars .  

  4. Next Week:  Parent Teacher Conferences–Please let me know if you need translation with Ms. Joyce

  5. Mon-Friday Oct. 23-27th: Spirit Week–Information to follow in Newsletter

  6. Friday, Oct. 27th:  Elementary Halloween Activities–Information to follow in Newsletter

  7. Tuesday, Oct. 30th, 2:00 p.m.:  Both G3 Classes will be on stage at our next Assembly—you don’t want to miss this 🙂


October 6

Cultures Unit

We have finished our presentations on our Imaginary Cultures.  Now students will move into researching their own country.  This will take several weeks of researching ending in a final project that also includes a presentation!  This time on their own!

Below are a few snap shots of the presenting partners after they successfully presented in front of the class with the microphone!  You can see the pride in their faces!